Canto Cutie (she/her)


Canto Cutie is an art and literature zine curated by Cantonese-American artist Katherine Leung. It holds a space for those who identify as Cantonese to create and show their work. Canto Cutie contains work of artists and writers of the Cantonese diaspora to define what it means to be “Cantonese”.

More About

Katherine Leung (she/her) is an artist, public school art teacher, and community organizer. She is currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, although her roots are all over the American Southwest. Her mother’s family is a part of the post-war wave of Chinese grocery store owners that catered primarily Hispanic neighborhoods, in Tucson, Arizona. Her father is an inventor and engineer, of Cantonese and Teochew descent, who immigrated to the US as an international student in the early 80’s. Katherine spent her formative years in an insular Southern evangelical multilingual Asian-American community in Austin, Texas.