Echo Zines (she/her)


I’m Nina, 39, based in Belgium and I’m celebrating my 20th zineversary this summer! I’ve been drawing since forever, play guitar in Lavender Witch and Lost Luna, and am so grateful for the existence of zines, its DIY ethics, and the zine community. I caught the zine virus in 2001 and it’s the only virus I don’t want to get rid of!

I love making zines about my personal life (like perzines and diary comics during the lockdown), self-care, queer-feminism and activism, travelling to zine fests (also virtual ones!) and meeting zine friends, playing music, fandom, self-publishing (meta zines!), and my stuffed bunny Chainsaw Bunny. Some of my zine titles include From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls, Space Invasion, CuNt & Paste, Same Heartbeats, Confined, and Do it Yourself Care. I also design postcards and buttons about feminism, music, and creativity.

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