Hamilton Six Zines (he/him)


Hamilton Six is a queer artist and writer who currently lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. In addition to making zines, he is also attempting to pay off his MFA student loans while working in a boring office job.  

Pity for Thyself, the primary Hamilton Six Zine series, is a collection of email missives beginning in 2007 when Hamilton Six, while battling depression and indecision while completing a creative writing MFA, rather abruptly decides to take a one month sublease in NYC and put everything in storage and drive across the country from Oakland, California. These emails chronicle the challenges of being biracial and “other” in an increasingly homogenized Queer community; numerous romantic failures; the struggles of functioning creatively while barely enduring the mediocrity of office life; an ultimately soul crushing compulsion towards cultural consumption; and a heightened sense of existential malaise, longing, and despair. Juxtaposed with those pontifications to friends are the explicitly crude emails chronicling acting out through a frenzy of sex addiction.  

Issue 1 is available. Issue 2 and 3 were delayed by everything that’s been happening the last 15 months or so but are roughly drafted and hopefully will be finally completed in the not too distant future, with subsequent issues to follow. 

Some of his other work transcribes wistful and horny (and ultimately futile) conversations on hook-up apps or explores the construction of identity through diversional activities.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hamiltonsixzines/