Liz Yerby (they/them)


liz yerby is a portland-oregon based cartoonist writing about anxiety and depression and queer stuff. they are a mouse and a mess, known for their peanuts fan fiction.

More About

My zines range from:

The New Yerby — there’s an edition for every year since 2017. they are a very curated sketchbook zine with full bleed experimental spreads, including diary comics, thoughts on ghosts, astrology illustrations and coming out thoughts.

Sir is this love and What Marcie Worries about — thoughts on queerness sneakily expressed through charles schulz characters

Various anthologies with friends — there’s positively moomin, with moomin fancomics, creatures in orbit (comics about animals sent to space), important cats (me and six friends tell important stories about cats in their lives through comics), and others! various ones are in print at different times.