Off Menu Press (they/them, she/her)


We are a zine and community space for individuals who identify with canonically-excluded gender(s). To those who identify as women, trans*, or any other gender that has been impacted negatively by gender discrimination & the patriarchy, we are a home for you, your writing, and your art.

* Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, genderfluid, nonbinary, transfeminine, transmasculine, genderless, agender, nongendered, third gender, two-spirit, bigender, transman, transwoman

We produce physical composite zines –– or “menus,” as we call them –– that feature poetry, prose, hybrid writing, and visual art. We also publish online collaborative issues, which we plan to archive in-print in late summer 2021 (these will be ready to sell at our Queer Zest table :)).

Lastly, we want to share with you a bit about our press’s challenges and growth since our inception. When we began in 2018, we were a zine and community space for individuals who identified with the word “female.” We are formerly known as All Female Menu, the name we published our first three print zines under. In January 2021, we changed our name and mission to be inclusive of folx with any canonically excluded gender, and have chosen to remove the word “female” from our name to dissociate our press from any unintentional relationship with trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs). To read more about this shift, read our post on Patreon (, and check out our TikTok video (, created by our digital content coordinator, anaïs. We are constantly growing and learning from our community, and we are grateful for everyone who helped us make the transition to our current, and much more fitting, name & mission.

More About

Rebecca Gross:

Rebecca Gross (she/they) is a writer, educator, and researcher currently living in unceded Tongva Territory // Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Off Menu Press. Gross has spent the last two years teaching first-year college students rhetorical arts, a social-justice based class that encourages students to think across disciplines, through multimedia, and beyond canons. She recently graduated with her masters’ degree, and will continue working towards her PhD in Literature at UC Santa Cruz in the fall. A few badass publications she’s had the privilege of publishing her work in include: Stone of Madness Press, Seiren Quarterly, Terse Journal, Variant Literature, Teen Belle Mag, Los Angeles Review of Books, and Los Angeles Progressive. When she isn’t writing, she drums in a punk band called Lady Starshine.

Find more about her at or on Twitter: @becsgross.

grace novacek:

grace novacek (she/they) is a writer and illustrator from Illinois. she currently serves as the Art Director for Off Menu Press. Their work has been published in Human Condition Magazine, Variant Lit, and Moonchild Mag.

find out more at or on Twitter (@gnovs) + IG (@gnovs)

anaïs peterson:

anaïs peterson (name/they) is the digital content coordinator for afm. an organizer, mixed blessing, and lover of the sky anaïs writes a mix of lyric essays and prose poems around the topic of freedom in its many forms and often returning to dwell on sunflowers. anaïs’ words have appeared in sampsonia way magazine (poem of the week series), off menu press, collision lit magazine, the pitt news, fully lit magazine, mixed mag, sage cigarettes, and has upcoming in dreams walking. anaïs is also a poetry reader for lit.

anaïs writes in black pen, garamond size 11, and tweets about a world beyond capitalism from @anais_pgh.