Sabrina Sims (she/her)


Hi! My name is Sabrina. I’m a Afro Puerto Rican-Cuban woman & interdisciplinary artist from the Bronx! Making art has been one of my lifelong interests. I love being an unapologetically Black femme woman and that shows in my art!

I make art and zines with a magical and thoughtful touch, focused on exploring feelings about emotions and my relationships with others/my body. I also like documenting my hobbies and everyday life, along with talking about all the things that make me happy. One of my greatest joys is being messy with art supplies and the using the full color spectrum!

In addition to zines, Sabrina does photography, printmaking and makes music. She loves talking to other artists about their creative processes. One of her newer focuses is organizing community events like workshops and zine fests. As the founder of Bronx Zine Scene, she has combined all her creative and community building interests. Bronx Zine Scene’s mission is to provides spaces, resources and connections for local Black, brown Latine, Indigenous and other people usually excluded from the greater New York arts scene through events and diy education.