Sapphic Writers Online (they/them)


Sapphic Writers is a small writing organisation that provides avenues of support, connection, and inspiration within the global sapphic writing community by offering workshops, publication and performance opportunities, and news and resources aimed at this underserved community of writers.

With a team of exclusively sapphics, we work with sapphics only – which encompasses lesbians, bisexual, pansexual and queer women and non binary people who experience attraction towards people with similar identities – this includes asexual people. We are fully inclusive and supportive of trans women and non binary people, and happily welcome them into our work.

Our workshops, events and community include anyone: from people who have never written before but want to try, to people who have books published already. You can never be too ‘new’ to writing in order to join us, in fact we love to support people who are trying out writing for the very first time! So come along and join us for the ride.

We host a variety of workshops, events, social meetups, a podcast, and of course our quarterly zine project. Everything at Sapphic Writers is FREE!






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