Secret Life Zine (they/them, she/her)


Hello my dears! I am Jarea Fang, a 21-year-old Asian-American nonbinary lesbian that is studying at Washington University in St. Louis. I am passionate about anti-racism, feminism, LGBTQ+ activism, and environmental justice. Aside from making my zine, I enjoying reading and watching video essays in my free-time. My work has been published by Overachiever Magazine, Spires Intercollegiate Magazine, HerStry, and Sapphic Writers.

Secret Life Zine is short for “The Secret Life of an Asian-American Teenager”, which is a small, all-colored series of zines that features both memoir, activist, and artistic elements on my Asian-American, queer, and woman(ish) existence (as well as all interesting or inconvenient ways that these identities intersect). Other topics that I have addressed are AAPI mental health, anti-Blackness in the Asian community, POC solidarity, white violence, and other adjacent issues. I believe that storytelling in both artistic and literary ways are integral for empathy. By reading my stories, I’m hoping that more people will become invested in Asian-American activism and stop seeing us as a monolith.