The Corners of Their Mouth Press (they/them)


The Corners of Their Mouth Press is an indie press run by a queer couple in Seattle. Robin Elan (they/them) is a nonbinary bisexual artist and writer specializing in comix and botanical illustration. L.M. Zoller (they/them) is a nonbinary bisexual writer and amateur cake decorator.

Our zines focus on the intersections of gender, queerness, food, and nature. Our collaborative works include The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine (Issues 1-2), a collection of essays, recipes, and comics about queer food, and The Queer Language of Flowers, an illustrated queer flower dictionary. Robin Elan’s solo solo work includes the illustrated zines Flora and Fauna: Anxious Human Field Notes and Ways I Have Tried to Stop Biting My Nails. L.M. Zoller’s solo work includes I Love You Like An Octopus (mini-zine poem), Drag Suit: A Nonbinary Swim Zine (perzine), and Midwestern Transplant Presents The Legend of Big Butter Jesus (comic).



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