The Depressed Waitress (she/her)


The Depressed Waitress is a cyborg, a multiplicity, a poet, a laborer, a ___ – a queer philosopher par excellence. The Depressed Waitress makes philosophy zines and art which often revolve around such border-creatures as the ghost, the monster, the animal, and all manner of modes of radical alterity.

The Depressed Waitress is a philosophy zine and contemporary acropolis – dedicated to the multiplicity of narrative. Here at The Depressed Waitress, we are an emulsion and fission of many selves, all of which are dedicated to a queering of what philosophy can mean and what it can perform through a discordance of conversation, dialogue, poetry, and art. We become-with one another in a convoluted, indeterminate, and delightful cacophony of monsters, machines, ghosts. This work both roots and uproots itself from within post-humanist, new materialism, and queer theory, alongside experimental and performative philosophy.