Tin V. (they/them, he/him)


I mostly write and illustrate mini-comics about my relationship with myself and my family as a queer person. I have four zines out and available and for sale in three languages, and I’m currently working on some plant and animal identification zines and another few personal zines, notably one about my relationship with men and masculinity as a non-binary mlm.

My tumblr is tintilinich and I’ll be uploading my zines there with a little higher quality.

More About

Tin V. is 21-year-old artist and university student majoring in biology. They’re from Croatia but they have been living in Germany since they were 18 because their prospects both as a gay trans person and a scientist in the Balkans aren’t the greatest.

They were introduced to zinemaking less than a year ago by some friends of theirs and really took to it. As an artist they do traditional and digital art, and they also dabble in whittling and poetry.

They are really passionate about nature and natural history and want to work as a researcher at a natural history museum in the future!

They have also been active in their local queer community as part of the activist working group AK Queer Regensburg for the past 3 years or so, organizing marches and demonstrations and doing seminars and workshops.


Zines: https://linktr.ee/cansart

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wiesenphilosoph

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/wiesenphilosoph

Tumblr: https://tintilinich.tumblr.com/