Twenty Two Zines (he/him)


I use zines as self exploration, so most of my zines have perzine thoughts through the lens of something else (sorry if that sounds pretentious). I make a lot of zines about exploring the symbolism behind tarot cards and how they play out in my life. I cover topics like depression, grief, and abuse from growing up and how I’m recovering from those. Basically zines are my place to be honest about who I am and what resonates with me, and I hope it ends up relatable haha. (There’s also a lot of Satanic overtones in a lot of my stuff).

More About

Twenty Two Zines/Wesley is a trans demiboy, a goth heathen flower child, and a public librarian. He loves reading tarot cards to deal with depression shit and as a way of unapologetic self exploration. Lots of love from Boston and remember: your worth isn’t defined by what you can produce! Stay curious!